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Jen Ortman

Professional Animal Communicator

Hello! We're so glad you stopped by! Jen has a life long experience with animals of every species. That experience makes a huge difference in putting her clients at ease and optimizing the therapeutic effects of a session. 

You want the very best for your animals- they're family. It's important that who ever works with them understands behavior, loves them, and treats them with the utmost respect. We're animal people..... and if you do want the very best for your fur kids, please read on.....

Jen Ortman is a unique, multi-faceted, individual who offers Professional Animal Communication, Animal  Reiki, Holistic Canine Massage, and Personal Coaching. She has been communicating with animals her whole life, and they were her very first teachers. Although anyone can learn  animal communication, Jen is a natural, fluent Animal Communicator who hears, sees, and also smells what our animal friends are sharing. 

Her calm and confident nature is effective in  dealing with any breed of  dog, as well as dogs of different temperaments. Jen's work is not just limited to dogs, but to animals of all species. She  has given Reiki and Communication  sessions to Camels, Llamas, and even Pythons! 


With an M.S. in Metaphysics, she offers an  uncommon depth of knowledge in holistic techniques, training, and therapies. She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, specializing in animals. Jen's clinical experience, combined with holistics, is a rare find. 

Jen also partners with pet owners who are faced with complicated life-decisions. Is my companion in pain? Is it time for them to leave us? With over 30 years of clinical experience, combined with her  Animal Communication skills, Jen assists pet parents with making hard decisions, and communicating their pet's exact wishes.... to the very end. As part of this service, she offers to remotely helps your pet to cross over and to transition peacefully, as your veterinarian performs the procedure.  

Important Update 02/01/24
Please be patient and understanding as there may be a several-week wait for your appointment, unless you make arrangements for an emergency session. If it has been longer than 1 year since your last session, you are considered new. Clients who harass, repeatedly cancel, disregard policies, text in the middle of the night, or send repetitive/nasty emails are at risk of being terminated, as are those who admit to abusing an animal or complain about the wait for an appointment/schedule I'm disappointed to have to reinforce this boundary, but I strive to continue to love my work. 
Girl with Her Dog
Sessions Available Worldwide

Regardless of your location, sessions are available via phone or Skype. ​


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~We adopted an Alaskan husky sled dog, Danish, when he was 8 years old. He was retired from racing and taking tourists on sled dog rides because of seizures. Alaskan huskies are very special and very different than most other dog breeds. They are bred and trained to live outside, be primarily working dogs and can be very aloof and not very interactive.  This can make them very hard to read. When Danish was 12 and was diagnosed with cancer Jen was immensely helpful to us and Danish by letting us know in the beginning that although there was discomfort he was not in pain and he was not ready to go. He also let her know he did not want any invasive surgery. He was willing to try chemotherapy but specifically did not want to go back to the vets office. Alaskan huskies are also very stoic so having Jen communicate with him especially about what his wishes were and later in the course of the disease if he was in pain or not was so very comforting for us so that we knew if the pain medications we had him on were working and were able to honor his wishes and not do more than he wanted to extend his life because we humans wanted that. As his quality of life decreased he let Jen know it was time to leave.


Danish was a very special teacher. He taught us how to love without expectations. As the musher we adopted Danish from put it, “There is something deeply special about those dogs that don’t go out of their way to seek out constant attention. And when they’re gone they end up being the ones you miss the most as the space they held in your home and life was so quiet and serene that their absence suddenly is like a screaming void.”


There is also something deeply special about Jen and her gift and ability to communicate with animals so you know what their wishes are at the end of their life and level of discomfort/pain they may or may not be experiencing so you can support them and do what’s best for them.  She also helped him transition when the vet came to the house and it was very peaceful and comforting. We are so very grateful to have had Jen help and support Danish throughout his transition from an outside working dog to a family member living inside a home and then especially through his last months with us to the end of his life here.~  Leslie, Alaska

Jen Ortman is the real thing! I find such peace from talking with her and getting a better sense of Rusty’s health and how he feels about his life. 

At one point he was so ill we were ready to let him go but Jen said he wasn’t ready yet. Within a couple days we found out he’d been having a horrible reaction to his meds. We stopped them and he was back overnight!! We’ve had two more wonderful years with him! ~Rhoda, Missouri

I reached out to Jen for the first time just after my four legged, love of my life Casey transitioned. I was heartbroken.  During our first appointment the very first question Jen asked me was "did you sing to him?" and "when he was sick did you play healing music for him? well, he liked that very much".  I was taken aback because indeed I did both. In fact I was singing to Casey just prior to our appointment as I was trying to connect with him and call him in.  From my first experience with Jen, I knew she was/is the real deal & believe me I'm a hard nut to crack. 

That was 3 years ago. I have since spoken to Jen several times regarding all 5 of my animals. I felt compelled to write this review now because something quite extraordinary has happened.

I have a 1 year old Silky Terrier that wasn't interested in being housebroken. After a full year of this, I reached out to Jen after I had cleaned up one too many potties in the house. When I look back at the text I wrote to Jen that day I was kinda losing it. LOL! I was completely exasperated and at my wits end. I asked her...Can you PLEASE just tell him to stop going potty in the house??? I kid you not, he made one more potty in the house and hasn't pottied in the house since! It's been two weeks now.  AMAZING! 

I have had many sessions with Jen and she has always been accurate. 

Jen is an extremely gifted pet communicator and I'm so grateful to have found her. ~Tamara, California

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