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Frequently Asked Questions 

      How do I schedule?  If you have an emergency, please email Jen: Same day services are never guaranteed. Please note that you do need to make an appointment for all other sessions.  Simply click any of the "Schedule Now" buttons to get started. Gift certificates are available in the scheduler if you'd like to purchase for yourself or a friend. 


      How do you talk to animals? - Jen uses a strong intuitive, heart-based connection to communicate with animals of all species. She developed this ability as a child and uses words, pictures, smell, and energy work to receive and communicate information to her clients. You will need to email a recent photo of your pet to Jen prior to your session:


     How does it work? Communication is a two-way exchange of information and is available for living and pets who have transitioned. Jen offers communication for performance animals, which enhances the human-animal bond and team. End life, hospice, and medical intuition services are Jen's specialties.


      What if someone I live with doesn't believe in what you do? If people feel strongly against Communication or Reiki, they may block the flow of information during a session. It takes a lot of time to try to explain this type of work, which cuts into your session time.


      Can you convince someone who is skeptical? What if I'm skeptical? Skepticism is healthy, but it's not Jen's interest to try to convince people that communication works. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs, and a closed mind can't always be opened. If you're skeptical, ask people who have had a session with Jen about their experience. Also, refer to the testimonials on the welcome page.


      Can you talk to animals that have passed away? Yes! Please specify at the time of your call if you would like a session for a decesed animal. The communication process is different in that situation.


      Will you come to my house for a session? In home sessions are not available at this time. All sessions are offered remotely. 


      Can you talk to several animals during my session time? If time allows, yes. Jen will need a photo of each animal.


      Are sessions confidential? Absolutely. Any client that Jen has worked with will reiterate this. Jen has worked with many celebrities, veterinarians, canine performance teams (including world-team dogs), and other high-profile clients. Not only are sessions confidential, but also the identity of these clients is as well.


      Do clients tip you? Yes- tips are welcome and accepted with gratitude. 

       Can you help me find a lost pet? At this time, Jen is not accepting lost pet cases. 

     What type of payments do you accept? Jen prefers payment via credit card through Stripe when scheduled.

*Important* If you miss your session, rescheduling
could result in a long wait time. 
Please be available at the time of your call. 

Be prepared to finish your call at the end of your time. 


First, click the button to schedule. Choose a time that works for you, but your pet does not have to be with you at that time.


Second, email a photo of your pet to Jen: A recent photo that shows your animal's eyes is best. 


Third, begin making a list of questions or concerns that you'd like Jen to communicate with your pet. 


Fourth, prepare for your appointment day. Jen will be calling you on EST. Please be sure the TV is off at the time of your call. Have a notepad and pen handy. Sessions are not recorded at this time. 


Fifth, if you've chosen a Remote Reiki Treatment, Jen will send energy to your animal at the scheduled time. Notes will follow via email. 


Sixth, on the day of your appointment, please be prepared with your list and be neutral and open to the communication from your animal. 


Seventh, please be punctual. Be available at the time of your call, and be ready to end when your session time is over. Jen will try to reach you up to 3 times. If no connection is made, rescheduling will be necessary.

Ready to Schedule?

By purchasing a session and agreeing to these terms and conditions, YOU (the client),  also hereby release and hold harmless Jen Ortman from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or personal property, and from loss of property resulting during or after said consultation/session or workshop in the following of any suggestions,direction, information, instruction or advice given by Jen Ortman.

It is understood that Jen Ortman is NOT a veterinarian, herbalist, medical doctor, etc., and makes no such claims. Sessions and consultations include her opinions, what she perceives using her intuition, and is based upon her years of study and experience as an animal caregiver and communicator. Her consultations are in no way intended or recommended to be used in place of traditional veterinary or medical care. 

You as owner, or agent of the owner, agree to have this consultation for animal(s) and by your payment of and participation in said consultation, give consent and agree to adhere to all terms of this agreement and release form above. Sessions are non-refundable.

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