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Pet Services

At one time or another, everyone wonders what their animal companion is thinking. Using specific  techniques, Jen is able to intuitively connect with animals of every species, and communicate on a very deep level. Jen has been communicating with animals her whole life. Rest assured, she is a natural, professional, and experienced Animal Communicator. Jen has an amazing clientelle from around the world and many animals have benefited from her abilities.

There are many occassions when an Animal Communicator can be helpful. The highest respect  you can pay your companion is to honor their wishes until the very end. Jen is able to communicate with your pet to help with difficult times- including surgeries, behavior problems, illness, hospice care, and even euthanasia. Imagine hearing their voice, and their wishes through Jen.... It's a comfort that is immeasurable. Rates are $35 /15 minute increment. 

If you're faced with end life or traumatic care for your beloved aniamal companion, Jen offers a package of services for your convenience. The Comfort and Care package includes a 30 minute communication session, one end life decision assistance text, one remote Reiki session, and a 15 minute post passing communication session. Other packages are available through the scheduler for your convenience. 

A session with Jen goes beyond communication. It may include Reiki (energy balancing), coaching, muscle testing, essential oils, crystal therapy, color therapy & canine massage. This combined therapeutic approach provides the very best opportunity for enriching your human-animal relationship.

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Animal Communication

Animal Communication services are available by phone using a photo of your animal(s). Your session may include other holistic modalities.

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Animal Reiki

Jen is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is a gentle touch therapy that may relieve pain and stress. Remote sessions are offered at this time. 

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Canine Massage

When in person services resume, Jen will again offer Therapeutic Canine Massage. These sessions may include other holistic modalities. 

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