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Contemplating a major life change? Think it through in a safe, non-judgemental coaching relationship. Since 2003, Jen has offered intuitive spiritual coaching services to her  clients with great success. 


Professional coaching is an excellent resource when you're  looking to identify and accomplish goals, stay on track, and to acknowledge and  work with life patterns. Jen can help you to discover and embrace your true life purpose. You'll work together to understand your passions, fears, and learn decision making tools for navigating the course of life. Jen will also teach you how to manifest, create balance in your life, and explain holistic tools that will support you on your journey. 

 As an intuitive spiritual coach, Jen's holistic approach is very helpful  in bringing balance to people's lives. She truly believes, and lives the theory  that "You really can have it all!" Half hour long coaching sessions are recommended, and Jen offers a package for your convenience. For opitimal results, three months of  coaching is recommended.  Professional coaching with Jen is an experience unlike any other,  and very worthwhile.


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Jen is gifted in working with youth in competition, using a gentle and  holistic approach. Many teenagers have experienced a blossom in self confidence,  a competitive edge, and a surge in winning success as a result of coaching with  Jen. Likewise, adults have had incredible success interacting with their  animals, competing, and identifying goals through her coaching sessions.

Jen is a highly effective coach for those working in the veterinary field who struggle with compassion fatigue or staff conflict.


She is  able to bring out the best in all of her clients, and develop winning results  through establishing and focusing on goals, locating and exploring life patterns,  and evaluating unconscoius, self-destructive behavior. 

Specializing In

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Life Changes


Vet Med/Rescue Dynamic



What Others Are Saying....

"The last year has been a year of significant personal transformation and I am not sure how I would have gotten through it, much less with such wonderful results, without Jen's coaching. She felt like a lighthouse that saw me through the crossing of stormy seas in a life boat. Jen is the best kind of coach as she seems to know exactly what you need in order to maximize your personal growth. So, for instance, when I wanted to give up, she gave me the tools and encouragement that helped me not to give up. And once I truly understood there was no way to get over my challenges and fears except through them, she provided gentle but incredibly powerful guidance that got me all the way across to new shores.

As someone who is involved in animal rescue and has a vested interest in the wellbeing of the lives in my care, I have found Jen's intuitive guidance invaluable. Jen is able to help me sharpen my focus on specific aspects of care, both for humans and animals, in ways that conventional methods often overlook. I often call on Jen to help troubleshoot difficult cases, or those that need gentle handling and care. In every case, she graciously steps in to help me make decisions that offer the best outcome for the animal. 

Personally, I have found the same level of assurance, guidance,and grace as I focus on aspects of myself that need support or healing. Jen has helped me with refining my professional intentions. As I was able to see my skills and natural talents more clearly, paths began to open for me to explore a new career path- one that fit with my vision for my life.

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